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Who We Are

My name is Jenn McGinn, and I am the owner of McGinn Custom Rustic. I started my business in 2015, as a part time hobby, and as of January 2017 it became a way for me to  able to make an income while being at home with my daughter; Maisy. Being a business owner, and a mother is hard. Very hard! My Husband, Mike is my godsend! He steps in when needed and often does the heavy lifting for my sometimes wild and over the top ideas. 

Mike has been teaching me more in the shop, so I can one day be fully a one woman show. Right now, I do the accounting, marketing, bookings, all the decor creations, the staining, sanding, wood filling, and now; I am doing the cuts and assembly of all small furniture! 

We truly are a family operated business, and I couldn't do it without the help and support of my husband, and my daughter. Although you will see me online, and in the shop during nap times and nights- you will see Mike on deliveries and quote consultations! 

What We Do

We build SOLID WOOD custom Harvest, Farmhouse or Finish Tables, Benches, Desks, Shelves, Console Tables etc. at a fraction of the 'made in china' prices!

We are a family who is centred on holistic health, and because of that you will notice most of our products are low VOC, food grade and SAFE! you will never have to worry about your children being posioned with harmful chemicals or toxins when you order from us. 

Handcrafted #inFrontenac

Proudly located and representing Frontenac County, we are located on the north border of South Frontenac. We are happy to endorse, and connect our customers to other small businesses in Frontenac County! 

If you are a fellow 'maker' in #InFrontenac, please send us a message and we are always willing to collaborate with you to help the community out! 

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We love our customers, so feel free to call or e-mail us anytime for an inquiry!

We are also set up on Instagram and Facebook and you can find the link at the bottom of this page!

Office Hours

Message, Call's and Quote Returns- Monday to Friday 8am - 4 pm 

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