The McGinns

Who are we?

We are a young family of 3, Mike is the muscle of the operation, Jenn the designer, and our beautiful daughter Mais brings giggles and smiles to the picture. 

We work very well as a team and in order to keep a good work- family life balance we set strict boundaries regarding 'shop talk' during family time! (although this certainly doesn't mean that momma hasn't pencilled in a sign or two with a baby in her backpack carrier.... or that I'm currently writing this with a 3 month old chewing on her fingers in my lap!) 

We live in a small hamlet outside of Westport, ON where we are nestled in between multiple lakes and beautiful forests. Our love of the outdoors shows through our projects, as we work very hard to accentuate the beauty of the grain in our tables.

With full time jobs, raising a baby and running a small business; we have limited spare time, but when we do have a minute or two we like to spend as much of it as possible with our family. Whether its Sunday dinners after church, or a long ride on a boat on the beautiful Bobs Lake.