Why Choose Us?

#BuyLocal Movement

When you shop local, you are not helping a CEO buy his third vacation home, or paying for slave labor in developing countries.. but rather helping to pay a hydro bill, put food on a family table, or pay a mortgage. 

 When you support local, you support your own community and help to build it up! 

In Small Communities...

In small communities like ours, reputation matters. Word of mouth and testimonials makes or breaks us. So, we will ALWAYS go the extra mile to accommodate your needs, giving you the highest quality while keeping your budget in mind.

Quality, Durability, Craftsmanship

We build with only the highest quality lumber, and are constantly re-evaluating our raw materials. The stains, finishes and tools we use have all been proven to withstand the test of time! 

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using sub quality materials to be able to offer lower prices while keeping the 'look'. 


We have seen everything from people using unsafe pressure treated lumber on indoor furniture and decor, to cutting corners by not fully sanding items causing slivers, and a dirty house! We have even seen benches and chairs that are meant to hold hundreds of lbs every single day, be structurally made from SKID BOARDS! 

Rest assured that McGinn Custom Rustic's furniture would NEVER put you or your family in harms way, and we don't cut corners. Our Furniture will last you and your family for DECADES. 

Some things that set us apart...

  • Removable Tabletops to make moving easy
  • Canadian milled Lumber
  • Designed with durability and structure in mind
  • We bring your table to you, move it in ensuring no damage is done to your table, and secure the top on square for a low fee of $35.00 (within 50 km) 
  • YOU choose your type of wood, stain, colours, style etc. unlike a 'one size fits all' design like furniture stores. 
  • Your buying QUALITY. 

Solid Wood vs Solid Wood VENEER

Leons, The Brick, Countrytime... Be aware of the difference between a Solid Wood construction, and a solid wood veneer. 

Our tables are durable, they are made from the highest quality, tightest grain, Canadian Milled lumber. They are also solid wood, meaning that 10 years from now, when your dining decor changes from a Dark Walnut look, to a Light Oak theme, you can ALWAYS refinish the table to match. With some sanding and staining, you have a brand new table again! 

With tables purchased from big boxed stores like The Brick or Leons, they are often Veneered, meaning you will never be able to change the color, or refinish the table to remove scratches or imperfections. Instead you will spend twice the $$ on another table!